Jimmy Raper
Wedding Photography


I understand that you are entrusting me to document the biggest day of your lives. If I’m going to play such a significant role in your wedding, I feel like we should get to know one another first.

My name is Jimmy and I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My passion for photography started in the ocean, capturing surfing and the natural world before moving into fashion.
     While this has played a huge role in my development as a photographer, it wasn’t until I assisted a friend on a wedding that I completely fell in love with it.
      I used to be a tradesman before I started photographing weddings. In short, I hated my job. While I recognise it as honest and admirable work, I received zero satisfaction from it.
      I think it was this time spent on a job site that got me thinking about what truly brings people happiness and the value in capturing those treasured moments. I came to the realisation that I would rather do something I love.


What is important to me when capturing your wedding is the story. The feeling and connection of you the couple, and the love and joy of all those dearest to you.
       I love capturing these moments; the raw organic emotions, that come out on a wedding day, of friends and family celebrating such a monumental event in your lives.
       Taking a picture is a technical process sure but ninety-nine percent of a great image comes from really connecting with a moment, with a person or a group of people.

I feel that every step leading up to the big day is equally as important as the wedding day itself.
From the initial point of contact, until the final delivery of your photographs.
       I take pride in curating an experience for my couples that is relaxed and enjoyable. I believe you should love the planning stages almost as much as the celebration.
       I feel that the best way to photograph a wedding is to document it as it unfolds naturally in front of me. I prefer to capture the day truthfully and not stage or force anything.

I pride myself in catching those golden, in-between moments that often slip by unnoticed.

Whether it be a tear, rolling down dad’s cheek, when he sees his daughter in her dress for the first time, or the groom’s expression when he catches sight of his bride walking down the aisle.
       Documenting all those real emotions on your day, the moment, frozen in time, that sparks a feeling when you look back on your images, that’s what I strive to achieve with my photography.
       Feeling a little awkward in front of the camera is entirely normal, and every couple I shoot feels this way before the wedding. Afterwards, they can’t believe how easy it was. I try and keep my images as natural as possible and will not have you posing stiffly in front of the camera looking like you never normally would. I want you guys hanging out, focusing on having fun.